2022 Talbot County Fair Youth Livestock Auction

The 2022 Talbot County Fair will take place from Tuesday, July 12 through Saturday, July 16 at the Talbot Agriculture and Education Center on Hiners Lane in Easton. The 4-H/FFA Youth Livestock Auction scheduled for Saturday at 7pm is an annual highlight of the fair experience. During the auction, University of Maryland Extension 4-H Youth Development members and Talbot County FFA members will sell the livestock they have raised as part of their educational project work. (University of Maryland programs are equal opportunity/access.) This is the first time in three years that the auction will be in person because COVID-19 resulted in virtual auctions for 2020 and 2021.
For more than a hundred years, the 4-H Youth Development Program has been preparing children and teens for success in adult life by offering educational programs that lead to development of life skills including responsibility, communication, leadership, and service. Although the range of 4-H projects has expanded to include topics in the areas of science, healthy living, and civic engagement, traditional agriculture projects continue to provide unique hands-on learning opportunities. The livestock auction is an important experience for youth because it brings their annual projects to a close, helps to recover project expenses, and funds future livestock projects. Talbot 4-H members complete a Maryland 4-H animal husbandry and quality assurance training that prepares them to provide high-quality care and ethical, humane treatment for their project animals.
Talbot 4-H and FFA members rely on the public to support them by bidding on and buying their animals. Businesses, organizations, families, and individuals are invited to the auction. Your generosity will have a positive impact on local youth. On behalf of Talbot County 4-H and FFA, the Livestock Auction Committee would like to thank all bidders and auction helpers who come together and make the evening a fun, rewarding experience. If you are interested in buying locally grown livestock that will yield high-quality meat, it is a good idea to arrive early and view the animals while the exhibitors wash and groom them prior to the auction. Sign up to become a bidder at the ringside table where you will receive a bidder number and auction details. Then you can enjoy yourself as you place bids and buy livestock.
If you are a winning bidder, the youth whose animal(s) you purchased will express their gratitude to you. Your photo will be taken with them and the animal(s) you purchased. To make things easy for buyers, the auction committee can arrange help with transport to a USDA-certified meat processing facility. You also have the option of donating animals back to the auction if you would like to support youth livestock projects but not keep the animals for yourself. Proceeds from animals that are resold go to the Talbot County Youth Livestock Fund that helps to finance repairs and improvements to the livestock pavilions/facilities at the Ag. Center.