22nd Annual Multicultural Festival Offers Way to Reconnect and Celebrate Community

It’s been a trying time of separation for everyone since Covid shut everything down two years ago.
Through it all, however, the diverse and durable bonds of our community have not only survived but continue to thrive.
That’s what this year’s Multicultural Festival, the first to be held since 2019, is going to be all about: bringing everyone together again to celebrate the diverse strengths of our resilient community.
Although the Mid-Shore has weathered these challenging times well, Moore says she feels we’re all ready for a big reunion of sorts.
“We want this year’s Festival to be an opportunity for us all to reconnect with each other and celebrate this special place we share,” she said. “Everyone is invited to come out for a fun day of live music, ethnic food, crafts, and children’s games.”
The Multicultural Festival will be on Saturday, May 7, from 10am to 2pm in Easton’s Idlewild Park. The rain venue is Easton Middle School.
Founded in 2000 by Talbot County Peace Education and Community Effort (P.E.A.C.E.), the Multicultural Festival celebrates the many distinct heritages of the Mid-Shore, some dating back several generations, others arriving more recently to call this area their home.
If you would like to be an exhibitor at the event, please contact Suzy Moore at suzy@avalonfoundation.org.