60th Anniversary of the CVFA Annual Country Fair August 4, 5, & 6th

Everyone has a special memory. A memory that is triggered by a sight, like the yellow lights that surround a fair lot. A smell, like a cheeseburger with fried onions. A smile, that lights up a face when a prize was won. Or laughter, when you hit the target and dunked the clown. When you reconnected with friends you had not seen in a while. Or spent quality time with family. For many, these memories are of a special time and place that go back as far as 60 years, the Annual Cordova Country Fair.
In 1962, the first of what would become the Cordova Volunteer Firemen’s Association “Annual Country Fair” was held, and since then has become the “Social Event of the Year” here in Cordova. Although the location has changed from where it was originally held and many of the members responsible for putting together the first fair are no longer with us, the mission is still to carry on the traditions and stay true to our roots. We host a true family-oriented community event. When you come to the fair, you step back in time. You will see benches and lawn chairs occupied by friends and neighbors, young and old, waiting to gather and catch up while enjoying a good ole cheeseburger, complete with those fried onions, pit beef or pit ham sandwich, soft crab or crab cake, funnel cakes, french fries, as well as other snacks and treats.
There are not carnival rides at the fair, but as it has since 1962, Engine 55, Cordova’s 1947 International Fire Engine, will delight young and old with a ride, complete with siren blast, around Cordova. And although you can no longer chase down a greased pig, or ride the rocket ride, you can still pitch a dime to try to win a piece of glassware, or pick your lucky number and win something yummy at the cake wheel. And who can resist throwing a ball at the target to try and dunk the clown. These games have been a staple at the fair for many years.
Also carrying on the tradition, they will Crown Little Miss Cordova Thursday night at 8pm, Miss Cordova Friday night at 9pm, and host a parade on Saturday at 5pm.
Come join us this year as we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Annual Country Fair on August 4,5 & 6th. We would love to share our memories with you, and help you make new ones.