Chesapeake Bay Sight Foundation

By: Colleen Sheehan
To All Visually Impaired Persons (VIP) & Their Caregivers

I am Colleen Sheehan, Founder of Chesapeake Bay Sight Foundation, known as CBSF. I created CBSF in 2011 to honor my parents Dennis Anthony Sheehan Jr and Doris Ann Castell Sheehan. I knew my mission in life at the age of 18, when I too was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, sister disease of Macular Degeneration. Although legally blind since 2017, I thank God every day for the sight I have retained, and committed to do what CBSF can do to ensure future Sight for All!
CBSF fundraises events to benefit the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute Research Team, headed by Dr. Mandeep Singh. Please see ad below for events in 2023.
In remembrance of my three-year-old Guiding Eye dog (CASH), our mission this year is to inform the public about CASH’ Cause.
On July 17, 2022 I went to Edge/Solitude Creek to play a game of fetch with Cash. When he opened his mouth for the ball, I had not known that this would have been his last game of fetch and that my best friend, my independence, my security, my world would be ripped from my heart. My four-legged child died of a horrific death five days later. Cash’ death was due to the highly toxic algae blooms that infects our local waters and for decades has been occurring from June thru September every year. Once ingested by animals it could cause imminent death in as few as twelve hours. In remembrance of CASH, my guiding eye dog, we will be informing the general public about the Toxic Algae Blooms and the dangers in our local waters.
Will you help CBSF to end BLINDNESS and other degenerative eye diseases? CBSF is in great need of Committees / Volunteers and would be very appreciative for your help.
For more information email or call 410-763-8400.