CRABS at Chesapeake Marketplace

Crabs will be available again this year at the Waterfowl Festival’s Chesapeake Marketplace. Not steamed to eat, but a delicious feast for the eyes! Mosaic artist Lisa Scarbath returns with her popular steampunk and embellished crabs and other creatures. These unique works of art are created with watch parts, jewelry, charms and other found objects. Carefully composed and hand assembled, each provides the viewer something new to see every time they look.
Lisa Scarbath is a Resident Artist at the Howard County Center for the Arts in Ellicott City and active in the arts community throughout the Eastern Shore. Using a variety of materials including stained glass, smalti, slate, broken dishes and found objects, she creates mosaic wall art, décor, furniture, custom pet portraits and other commissioned work such as kitchen backsplashes and memory mosaics.
Her artworks are sold at several Maryland gift shops, and can be viewed on social media @PiecefulDesignsMosaics, as well as her website
Mosaics use small pieces of material to build a colorful, comprehensive story. The themes of Lisa’s mosaics reflect her surroundings, and she enjoys including the others in telling their stories. Recently, she invited the community to collaborate in creating an artwork to celebrate her town’s 250th anniversary. More than 80 people contributed trinkets and treasures along with their stories are included in her 6-part mosaic of iconic images, “Pieces of History: EC250 mosaic,” on display at 8095 Main Street in Historic Ellicott City.
Shoppers can pick through bushels of steampunk and embellished crabs to find artwork reflective of their stories at Lisa Scarbath’s booth, Pieceful Designs Mosaics, at the Waterfowl Festival’s Chesapeake Marketplace located at Easton Middle School 307 Glenwood Avenue, Easton. The Marketplace will be on the Waterfowl Festival Blue Bus Line. There is NO admission, and will be open from 10am-5pm Friday and Saturday and 10am to 4pm Sunday.