Something of the Marvelous Challenge Features Tour of Wye Heights’ Magnificent Gardens

In 2020, Pickering Creek Audubon Center celebrated it’s work with “Celebrate at Your Place – Join us for another night at home” and in 2021 with Dive into Nature, which included small group outdoor nature events held throughout the year. Each of these efforts played a key role in raising funds to keep the Center’s science and outdoor learning experiences in front of students during the pandemic and transition its school programming to a virtual world (and back again) and work with classroom teachers to continue connecting their students to science and the outdoors. Funds raised through these campaigns allowed Pickering Creek to keep its trails open (with no admission fee) and looking great for the record number of visitors we have welcomed throughout the pandemic, as the need for respite increased.
This year Pickering Creek offers the Something of the Marvelous Challenge. Supporters of the Center’s work through the challenge will receive an invitation to either a delightful autumn nature program at the Center or a tour of the impressive gardens at Tim and Lisa Wyman’s historic Wye Heights in Easton, Maryland. Unlike Pickering Creek’s Tour Toast and Taste, Something of the Marvelous has no tent, no auction, and no dinners for sale. It is all outdoors- just soaking in the marvelous blooms and scenery of the amazing 10-acre garden along the Wye River.
The home’s stunning gardens and grounds will be open on June 4 to approximately 250 supporters of Pickering Creek Audubon Center’s award-winning education programs participating in the Something of the Marvelous Challenge. Timed entrances scheduled throughout the day on June 4th will include complimentary beverages, time to explore, and special pop-up events such as live raptor presentations and roaming plant identification docent ready to offer guidance as needed.
Pickering Creek’s fundraising goal for the 2022 Something of the Marvelous Challenge is to raise $100,000 for Pickering’s education programs. Please join us as we celebrate our achievements and prepare for the future.
School groups, families, wildlife enthusiasts and photographers from far and wide visit Pickering Creek Audubon Center throughout the year to participate in hands-on outdoor learning, volunteer experiences and immersing themselves in the natural beauty of the Eastern Shore.
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