Talbot County Livestock Auction Committee on July 13th

The Talbot County 4-H Livestock Committee, on behalf of all the 4-H auction participates want to say, “Thank-You” for the tremendous community support from individuals, families, organizations and businesses that attended, bid, bought, or donated at the 2023 4-H Livestock Auction. Professional Auctioneer Curtis Andrews and his grandson Miles donated their time to perform the Auctioneering. Mr. John Frampton donated his time and expertise taking photos of each winning bidder with the selling 4-H participate and the animal for a keepsake memory. Sonny Snow, Darcy Hutchison and the Callahan Family provided free livestock transportation to the processing facilities so the 4-H participates and the winning bidders don’t have to handle the animals after the auction. A Big Thank-you to these folks for donating their time, truck and trailer for the benefit of these young 4-H participates. The 2023 Livestock Auction went very well and with the 2024 4-H Livestock Auction coming up on July 13 at 7pm we invite everyone back.
The Talbot County 4-H Livestock Committee welcomed four new members in October of 2023. They each have children raising and showing livestock at the Annual 4-H Fair.
Darcy Hutchison, Buddy Callahan, Will Behrens and Aaron Cannon are a welcomed addition to the Committee and have already stepped up, replacing the wash rack boards at the Livestock Barn. Eastern Timber and Mat donated the white oak boards needed to complete the both sides of the wash rack. The next phase is to install the new water lines and valving on the wash rack. Aaron Cannon has been instrumental in coordinating the material delivery.
Since 2016 the Livestock Auction Scholarship has been awarded to Livestock Auction participates in their last year of 4-H.
Just before the 2023 Auction, Hayden Hutchison was presented the Auction Scholarship by Mrs. Susan Behrens Co-Leader of Chapel District 4-H Club and Debbie Hutchison.
The 4-H Auction Committee, again thanks everyone for past participation and invites everyone back for the 2024 Talbot County 4-H Fair July 11, 12, 13 with the Livestock Auction at 7pm July 13.