Transferrable Life-long Skills for Individuals of all Ages

Learning soft skills can make a difference in life. It teaches one how to navigate through daily obstacles surrounding human interactions (at home, at school, and at work). Unfortunately, some individuals are not equipped with the tools necessary for positive social interactions. For example, online activities are lasting; however, some are unaware of the harmful effects of certain photos, comments, and videos and how it relates to their current and future success.
According to, “Nearly all young people-98.6%- hold at least one job between the ages of 18 and 25. The average young person holds 6.3 jobs between 18 and 25.” Soft skills learned earlier on helps one to maintain a job, receive feedback, offer good customer service, gain referrals/promotions, and/or stay in school. Without them, some may find themselves unemployable or unable to stay in school.
Since 2007, Freddie Bell Jones, Inc. has offered soft skills training to schools, businesses/nonprofits, and government agencies. The trainings include interactive lessons for individuals of all ages that need to put their best foot forward.
Freddie Bell Jones, Inc. provides training in Appearance, Business Etiquette, Verbal & Written Communications, Social Media Etiquette, Proper Code of Behavior, Body Language, Table Manners, and much more. For more information visit Freddie Bell Jones, Inc. online at or call 240-423-7137.