WAF Waterfowl Festival Exhibit

The Working Artist Forum is excited to be part of the 2022 Waterfowl Festival this November 10th-13th. Original art works completed in various media can be viewed and purchased on Friday & Saturday from 10-5 and Sunday 11-4. This year’s exhibit will be held at Christ Church Fellowship Hall, 111 S. Harrison St., Easton, and will be part of the ticketed Thursday VIP Premier Night 5-8pm where patrons can also meet the artists.
The following 40 WAF members will each have a display panel showcasing his/her work which will depict various aspects of the natural and cultural life of the eastern shore:
Jane Anderson, Naomi Clark-Turner, Carol Cowie, Polly Cox, Mary Ford, Rhonda Ford, Carol Frost, Kathleen Ryan Gardiner, Kathleen Janet Gibson, June Hock, Betty Huang, Carla Huber, Laura L. Kapolchok, Kathy Kopec, Marianne Kost, Pat Lang, Judie Lizewski, Linda Luke, Mary Ellen Mabe, Carol McClees, Deborah McFarlin, Anne McLaughlin,
Carol Lynn Meers, Amanda Milliner, Diane DuBois Mullaly, Kathleen H. Quinn, Christine Rapa, Anne Reder, Kathie Rogers, Maggii Sarfaty, Stacey Sass, Anne Singer, Scott Sullivan, Nancy Thomas, Georgette Towes, Barbara Harr Watson, Judith Stevens Weaver, Maureen Wheatley, Lori Yates, and Barbara Zuehlke.
For more information visit https://waterfowlfestival.org/art-galleries/church/ or contact the exhibit chairs: Lori Yates loriyates@gmail.com or Stacey Sass staceysass@me.com